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Precious Metals United was founded to fill in a specific need within the industry.

With over 30 years of combined business experience, company founders Jaime Gonzalez and Zeve Katz sought to offer the public an option that was unparalleled and ground-breaking for our industry.

Throughout our decades of experience, we were clearly able to identify some of the pitfalls that have prevented investors from being successful when investing in precious metals.

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Why You Should Work With PM United
Why A Precious Metals IRA Can Protect You:
  • Hedge Against Inflation
    Precious metals have historically been an excellent hedge against inflation, since their price tends to rise when the cost of living increases.
  • History of Holding Value
    Unlike paper currency, cryptocurrency or other forms of monetary assets; gold and silver have maintained their value throughout the ages.
  • Safe Haven During Geopolitical Uncertainty
    Precious metals retain their value not only in times of financial uncertainty, but also in times of geopolitical uncertainty.
  • Globally Recognized Monetary Asset
    For centuries gold and silver have been the only globally recognized monetary assets, making them a reliable and proven method for storage of value.
  • Increasing Demand\Dwindling Supplies
    Over the years the demand for gold and silver has exploded globally due to their increased usage inside electrical devices such as smartphones, computers, tabets and other SMART devices.
  • Distinct IRS Reporting Advantages
    When using precious metals within your retirement account you achieve much more than just protection and growth.
  • Portfolio Diversification
    Many financial experts recommend diversifying your portfolio to provide a better balance for your financial protection.
Fast and Easy 1-2-3 Process

1. Open Account

Over the phone, a PM United executive will gather some basic information from you. We'll send you a completed account application to sign and return to us.

2. Rollover Funds

Together with you, we will contact your financial institutions and provide them the necessary information to seamlessly transfer your funds, all tax free!

3. Select

Finally, we will help you select and recommend the appropriate type of precious metals for your goals. Every client has different goals, which means different types of coins, depending on your needs.

Types of Retirement Accounts We Service
  • IRA

    Individual Retirement Accounts provide tax advantages for retirement savings.

  • 403(b)/457(b)

    Also known as a tax sheltered annuity, this account is available to certain types of public employees.


    A thrift savings plan is specifically for federal employees, that allows them to have tax deffered savings.

  • 401(k)

    A retirement savings plan sponsored by an employer. This is the most common retirement account.

  • Annuity

    A long-term investment designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your income.

  • Roth 401(k)

    A unique combination of features from a Roth IRA and a traditional 401(k) plan.

Gold and Silver Coins Approved for Your Retirement Account
2014 Silver Arctic Fox

Call for Availability

2019 Proof Gold American Eagle

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Silver Vienna Philharmonic

As Low as 20% Over Spot

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

As Low as 20% Over Spot

2019 Proof Platinum American Eagle

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Gold American Buffalo

As Low as 20% Over Spot

What Our Clients Say About Us

"The economy is inflating faster than my hair is falling out. I read reports online that billionaires are diversifying their accounts with precious metals and I figured it was time to start. The fellas over at Precious Metals United helped me every step of the way."

- Stephen S.

"Starting my account with Precious Metals United was such an easy process. I got the best value on the coins that I was really hoping to add to my account. Ask for Zeve, he'll give your account the personal attention and detail it deserves."

- Shannon W.

"Precious Metals United sets the standard for customer service. I tried working with other companies and they weren't transparent with me on many key issues. PM United explained to me in simple terms. Thanks guys I've never felt safer!"

- JR D.
Safety & Security

Precious Metals United has a strong relationship with multiple custodians and depositories to meet your metals storage needs. We're also proud to be one of the pioneer companies to have a Texas depository available.

Trusted Custodians

Strata is a well-known IRA custodian; with over 150 combined years of experience in the self-directed IRA industry.

New Direction IRA is also an industry leading custodian. They can handle a variety of different account types.

Trusted Depositories

Precious Metals United also has a solid relationship with the Delaware Depository. Also known as the DDSC, this depository is well-known for its advanced protection measures.

Precious Metals United is proud to be one of only a few companies to work with a Texas-based Depository.

RCM Wildlife Series Exclusive Collection

2014 Arctic Fox Series

Rendered in exquisite detail by Royal Canadian Mint engravers, this 1.5 oz silver coin celebrates the arctic fox through its depiction of the animal in its natural habitat. A secure investment option and an attractive acquisition for both first-time precious metals buyers and long-term investors. A remarkable addition to any Canadiana or nature-themed collection or any bullion buyer’s collection.

2015 Polar Bear And Cub Series

Features the distinctive bullion finish of brilliant relief on a lined textured background. A striking addition to any Canadiana or animal-themed collection. Precisely machined radial lines featured on the coin’s reverse and obverse.

2016 Snow Falcon Series

The snow falcon has been prized by humans as a hunting companion since ancient times. Associated not only with falconry but also with royalty and nobility, and a celebrated circumpolar Arctic coastal dweller, the gyrfalcon—the largest of the falcon species— makes a fitting subject for the Royal Canadian Mint’s stunning 2016 gold bullion coin.

2013 Polar Bear Series

The 2013 Polar Bear coin series captures the endangered, majestic polar bear mid-stride, with head down and clear musculature, moving across the frozen tundra.

Precious Metals News & Market Updates

Gold To Rise To $1,450 An Ounce In 2019: Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs continues to see prices rising over the next year as demand in China and other emerging-market nations recover. In a report, Goldman reiterated its forecast for the precious metal to rise to $1,450 by the end of 2019. Jeff Currie, global head of commodities with Goldman Sachs said “Going forward gold will be […]

Published: 01.16.2019
Written By: zevekatz

Palladium Is Close To Becoming The Most ‘Precious’ Of All Metals

Palladium has gained close to 50% over the past 5 months. Palladium has been on a multi-year run that shows few signs of abating. Palladium, which is used in pollution-controlling solutions on modern vehicles, has been significantly increasing in value over the past few months. Experts say palladium is close to becoming the most ‘precious’ […]

Published: 01.09.2019
Written By: zevekatz