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7 Advantages For Owning Physical Precious Metals

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1. Hedge against inflation – Precious metals have historically been an excellent hedge against inflation, since their price tends to rise when the cost of living increases. It’s no secret that the cost of living has doubled over the past ten years, making precious metals a vital component in every portfolio!
2. History of holding value – Unlike paper currency, cryptocurrency or other forms of monetary assets; gold and silver have maintained their value throughout the ages. People see precious metals as a way to pass on and preserve their wealth from one generation to the next using their retirement accounts!
3. Safe haven during geopolitical uncertainty – Precious metals retain their value not only in times of financial uncertainty, but also in times of geopolitical uncertainty. They are often referred to as the “crisis commodity”, because people gravitate to their relative safety when world tensions rise; during such times precious metals typically outperform other investments. Now it’s become a no-brainer to own precious metals, with the rise of global terrorism and nuclear power becoming a threat!
4. Portfolio diversification – Many financial experts recommend diversifying your portfolio to provide a better balance for financial protection. This is achieved by diversifying into different asset classes. Since the paper version of gold is worthless, owning physical precious metals through a retirement account has become a necessity!
5. Increasing demand\dwindling supplies – Over the years the demand for gold and silver has exploded globally due to their increased usage inside electrical devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and other smart devices. It is no secret that the mineable supply for gold and silver has been dramatically dwindling, making higher prices an inevitable reality.
6. Distinct IRS reporting advantages – When using precious metals within your retirement account you achieve much more than just protection and growth. There are substantial advantages associated with how your precious metals are reported to the government, making it a very useful tool for your exit strategy. Ask your PM United executive how.
7. Globally recognized monetary asset – For centuries gold and silver have been the only globally recognized monetary asset, making it a reliable and proven method for storage of value. Gold and silver are investments that can be held physically and increase in value, to keep up with the cost of living!