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Precious Metals IRA Rollover

Open An Account

This step is simple, and it’s free!

Over the phone, a PM United executive will gather some basic information from you. We will send you a completed Account application to sign and return to us. A PM United executive will also schedule a complimentary appointment to walk you through your application while answering any questions you might have. Within 24 hours we will have your account opened!

Rollover/transfer funds

Whether it’s a rollover or a transfer, our retirement account specialists are top-notch and have successfully assisted thousands of clients to move their retirements into precious metals.

We will contact your financial institutions together with you and provide them with the necessary information to have your funds transferred seamlessly and without being taxed or penalized while transferring the funds! We specialize in tax-deferred rollovers and transfers into a Precious Metals IRA.

Fund the Account

This is the third and final step. We will select and recommend the appropriate type of precious metals for your goals. Every client has different goals for their account, which means different types of coins, depending on your needs. Our PM United coin specialist will be able to recommend the most appropriate coins to fund your account and complete the Precious Metals IRA process.