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Exclusive Relationship With Royal Canadian Mint

RCM Wildlife Series gold and silver coins

The Royal Canadian Wildlife Series of gold and silver coins is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after series of coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins are particularly appealing to investors and retirees, not only for their intricate designs, but for their above-average purities and face values. A product of the Canadian government, these coins are sought after by people from all over the world.

The RCM Wildlife Series of gold and silver coins are considered to be private, making them an obvious choice for any precious metals IRA account.


RCM wildlife coins are minted in extremely low numbers to maintain their strong value and support their appreciation.

Most other common bullion products are minted in the quantities several million coins annually, therefore having no support to their value other than the perceived melt value of the metal.

For example, the 1.5 oz. silver and 0.25 oz. gold Arctic Series coins do not adhere to strict annual mintage quantities and can range from as few as 8,000 to as many as 500,000, allowing the coins to have a massive value advantage over other mass-produced coins.


There is no denying that the design of Canadian Wildlife Series coins is what draws a lot of people to them. The obverse side of these coins features the image of Queen Elizabeth II, her name, and the year in which the coin was minted. The coins are spectacularly struck, leaving nothing to be desired.

The reverse side of the Wildlife Series coins feature the stunning image after which the coin is named. The images depict a score of animals, most of which are native to Canada, in their natural habitat.

The reverse side also features the weight and purity. Although the depictions featured on the reverse side of the Wildlife Series coins vary from year to year, the extreme attention to detail remains constant, rendering these timeless coins truly remarkable, every single time!


Investors and retirees love the RCM wildlife coins because of their higher-than-average .9999 level of purity.

The Royal Canadian Mint is known for having coins with the highest purity available on the market; bar none. In fact, their silver coins have been known for usage by doctors and medical facilities since silver has medicinal uses when in its highest purity.

The 0.25 oz. gold coins from the RCM wildlife series are considered to be the pinnacle of purity and finest gold available for your precious metals IRA.